Subjects for Diploma in Theology


No.First SemesterCr. HoursSecond SemesterCr. Hours
1.OT Survey3English - II6
2.N.T. Survey3Christian Worship3
3.Study Methods3Christian Leadership - I3
4.English - I6Biographies of Missionaries3
5.Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ3Book of Acts3
Total Cr. Hours18Total Cr. Hours18


No.First SemesterCr. HoursSecond SemesterCr. Hours
1.Major Religions in India3Christian Theology – II3
2.Christian Theology – I3Romans & Galatians3
3.Preaching and Worship3Pastoral Epistles3
4.History of Christianity3Principles of Church Planting & Growth3
5.O. T. Prophetical Writings3Christian Leadership3
6.Gospel of John3Daniel & Revelation3
Total Cr. Hours18Total Cr. Hours18

Total Credits for Dip. Th. Program: 72 Hours

Grading System

The following is a general outline of the grading system for evaluation of academic performance:

80-100 A+
75-79 A
70-74 A-
65-69 B+
60-64 B
55-59 B-
50-54 C+
45-49 C
40-44 C-

Graduation Requirements

Apart from the academic requirements, students are required to do regular weekend ministry with local churches and one month of ministry during the summer vacation each year. The students should display good Christian character and prove their ministerial abilities for getting graduation. They are also required to lead worship and preach in the main chapel a few times and their preaching is evaluated by the faculty as part of the requirement for graduation. Additionally, the students must meet all financial obligations to the Institute.