Diploma in Theology


The Diploma in Theological Studies is a two-year course that aims to train the candidates in Old Testament, New Testament, Theology & Ethics, History of Christianity, Christian Leadership, Christian Ministry, Missions, Religion, and Languages.

General Requirements

  • The candidate is expected to satisfy the following criteria:
    • He / she should be a born-again Christian.
    • He / she should be a person of good Christian reputation.
    • The candidate should be an active member of a local church.
    • The candidate must obtain letters of recommendation from the local pastor / a previous institution / an elder from church who must have known the candidate not less than three years.
    • The candidate should be able to demonstrate a definite calling in his/her life to the Lord’s ministry.

Educational Requirements

  • The minimum educational qualification is a pass in 10th standard.
  • The medium of instruction is English. Hence, candidates are expected to possess at least a basic English proficiency manageable enough to read, write and speak on a basic level.

Course Information

No.Course CodeSubjectCredit Hours
Department of Old Testament
1.OT101Survey of the Old Testament 3
3.OT105Old Testament Prophets3
Department of New Testament
5.NT121Survey of the New Testament3
6.NT122Jesus of the Gospels3
7.NT124Peter & Paul in Acts3
8.NT123Gospel of Mark3
9.NT125Epistle to the Romans3
10.NT128I & II Thessalonians 3
11.NT129Epistles of James & Peter 3
Department of Theology & Ethics
12.TE141Survey of Systematic Theology I 3
13.TE142Survey of Systematic Theology II3
Department of History of Christianity
14.HC162Survey of Indian Church History 3
Department of Religion
15.RP181Outline of Major Religions3
Department of Christian Ministry
16.CM201Spiritual Formation 3
17.CM202Interpretation & Preaching3
18.CM205Educational Ministry in the Church3
19.CM204Biblical Foundations of Worship3
Department of Christian Leadership
20.CL222Church Administration3
21.CL221Christian Leadership & Ethics3
Department of Mission
22.MS241Introduction to Mission & Evangelism3
23.MS243Church Planting 3
Department of General Studies
24.GS261English I 3
25.GS262English II3
26.GS263Basic Learning Method3
Applied Courses
27.Practical Ministry3

Credits for Dip. Th. Programme: 84 hours


  • Scholarship is available based on eligibility.

Graduation Requirements

  • A minimum of 40% marks in all examinations.
  • Satisfactory performances in practical ministry which includes activities in campus chapel, regular weekend ministry with local churches and one month of ministry during summer vacation each year.
  • Evidence of good Christian character throughout the student’s stay on campus.
  • Additionally, the student must meet all financial obligations to the Institute.
  •  The following is a general outline of the grading system for evaluation of academic performance:

Grading System</P

First Class
A+ (80-100)
A (75-79)
A- (70-74)
Second Class
B+ (65-69)  
B (60-64)
B- (55-59)
Third Class
C+ (50-54)  
C (45-49)
C- (40-44)

Opportunities for Graduates

Upon graduation, the Dip. Th graduates are looking at the following opportunities:

  • Be an evangelist
  • Be a pastor / associate pastor / teaching elder at a local church
  • Be a part of a para-church organisation
  • A candidate to apply for B Th


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