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Master of Divinity


The Master of Divinity program offered in SALI is a three-year (6 semesters) course that mainly focuses on giving Advanced Training in Christian Leadership along with other Biblical and Theological subjects. The medium of Instruction is English. Master of Divinity requires coursework totaling One Hundred and Fourteen credit hours. One Hundred and Eight credits are given for subjects and six credits for Applied Courses.

General Requirements

  • He/she should be a born-again Christian
  • He/she should be a person of good Christian reputation
  • The candidate should be an active member of a local church
  • The candidate should be able to demonstrate a definite calling in his/her life to the Lord’s ministry

Educational Requirements

  • Th. /BA/ B.SC degree pass from a Recognized Board/University
  • Candidates are expected to possess at least a basic English proficiency manageable enough to read, write, and speak on a basic level

Course Information

There are nine branches of study, in addition to Applied Studies. Fifty-five courses are offered, out of which thirty-eight are required courses. The required coursework is to be fulfilled and is divided into two sections: (1) Core and (2) Selective. Twenty courses and one Applied course are given in core and seventeen in selective.

The following chart shows the subjects offered and the Applied courses with the code and credit hours.

No.Course CodeSubjectCredit Hours
Department of Old Testament
1.MOT101Introduction to the Bible I3
3.MOT103Preliminary Hebrew3
4.MOT104History of Israel
5.MOT105Poetical Books & Wisdom Literature3
6.MOT106Vision & Mission of the Prophets3
7.MOT107Exegetical Study on Amos (Hebrew)3
8.MOT108Old Testament Theology3
9.MOT109Advanced Hebrew3
Department of New Testament
10.MNT101Introduction to the Bible II 3
11.MNT102Synoptic Gospel3
12.MNT103Pauline Theology3
13.MNT104Preliminary Greek3
14.MNT105Advanced Greek3
15.MNT106Johannine Thought3
16.MNT107Exegetical Study on I & II Peter (English or Greek)3
17.MNT108Acts of the Apostles3
18.MNT109Apocalyptic Literature3
Department of Theology & Ethics
19.MTE101Systematic Theology I 3
20.MTE102Systematic Theology II3
21.MTE103Christian Ethics3
22.MTE104Contemporary Trends in Christian Theology3
23.MTE105Asian Contextual Theology3
24.MTE106Christian Apologetics3
25.MTE107History of Christian Thought3
Department of History of Christianity
26.MHC101History of Christianity 3
27.MHC102History of Pentecostal & Charismatic Movements3
28.MHC103Indian Church History 3
Department of Religion & Philosophy
29.MRP101Major Religious & Secular Movements 3
30.MRP102Survey of World Religions3
31.MRP103Christian Response to Other Faith3
Department of Christian Ministry
32.MCM101Pastoral Care and Counseling3
35.MCM103Christian Worship & Liturgy3
36.MCM104Pastoral Theology3
37.MCM105Christian Communication Technology & Mass Media 3
Department of Christian Leadership
38.MCL101Biblical Foundation of Christian leadership.3
39.MCL102History of Christian Leadership.3
40.MCL103Missional leadership in the book of Acts and Pauline letters 3
41.MCL104Contemporary Issues in Christian Leadership3
42.MCL105Developing Leaders and Empowering Leadership 3
43.MCL106Church Organization & Leadership3
44.MCL107Pattern of Christian Leadership 3
45.MCL108Character Development and Leadership building 3
46.MCL109Leadership and Family Building3
Department of Mission Studies
47.MMS101Theology of Mission3
48.MMS102Church Planting and growth3
49.MMS102Cultural Anthropology3
50.MMS102Mission & Evangelism3
51.MMS102History of Mission3
Department of General Studies
53.MGS102Research Methodology 3
Department of Applied Studies
54.MAS101Practical Ministry3
55.MAS102Character Formation3

Following chart shows the required credit hours needed in each department.

SL. NODepartmentsCredit hours in CoreCredit hours in SelectiveTotal credit hours
1.Old Testament12618
2.New Testament15621
3.Theology & Ethics6312
4.History of Christianity336
5.Religion & Philosophy33
6.Christian Ministry 3912
7.Christian Leadership121527
9.General Studies 336
10.Applied Studies336

Grading System

The following is a general outline of the grading system for evaluation of academic performance:

Grading System

A+ (80-100)
A (75-79)
A- (70-74)
B+ (65-69)  
B (60-64)
B- (55-59)
C+ (50-54)  
C (45-49)
C- (40-44)

Graduation Requirements

  • A minimum of 40% marks in all examinations
  • All the M Div students in SALI are expected to write a thesis as part of their graduation requirements
  • Satisfactory completion of practical ministry which includes activities on campus, regular weekend ministry with local churches, and one month of ministry during summer vacation each year
  • Evidence of good Christian character throughout the student’s stay on campus
  • Fulfilling the required obligations to the Institute

Graduation Profile

Master of Divinity graduate of SALI will be a Leader who is ….

    • Biblically grounded
      • Knowing God and Worshiping him in Truth and Spirit
      • Having a thorough knowledge of the Bible and the vital principles of theology, leadership, religion, mission, ministry, and church
      • Build independent living skills
    • Christ-like
      • Serving with a divine purpose
      • Representing the attitude, words, and actions of Christ Jesus
    • Spirit Empowered
      • Led by the Holy Spirit
      • Living in the power, gifts, and fruit of the Holy Spirit
    • Transformed
      • With character and integrity
      • Recognizing others and building them up
      • Deepen their understanding of their personal strengths, values, identities, and worldview