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SALI Library

Southern Asia Leadership Institute’s Library exists to participate in the institutional mission, which is to prepare men and women for effective leadership and Christ-like servanthood in the community by engaging the academic programs of the institution through practical instruction and provision of quality resources.

Students at Southern Asia Leadership Institute have access to these quality resources, which number in the thousands, a physical book collection of over 10,000 books that covers all areas of our curriculum that includes Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Theology & Ethics, Christian Missions, History of Christianity, Christian Leadership, Religion & Philosophy, Christian Ministry, Languages & Methodology.

The Reference Collection contains Bible commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other research tools. SALI also houses a selection of text articles and journals covering the areas of Biblical Studies, Mission, Leadership, Theology, Religion and Philosophy.

SALI - Academic and Library Building
SALI - Academic and Library Building

The library is computerized using KOHA, an open-source Integrated Library System (ILS) used worldwide. Library computers provide access to the library catalogue and other information resources.  


  • To set an environment for productive teaching-learning process
  • To deliver and promote the effective use of literacy, information resources, technology and services
  • To reflect the heritage and rich diversity of theological and religious discourse
  • To maintain and preserve books, materials and resources with historical, cultural, social, economic and archival value, and other related materials in an organized collection
  • To provide opportunity, ensuring equal access to every material for all members of the Institute, to educate and enlighten them.
  • To cultivate Leaders to serve in their own communities