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About Southern Asia Leadership Institute

Southern Asia Leadership Institute

Mission Statement

Southern Asia Leadership Institute is a higher education and leadership training centre dedicated to provide biblically and theologically sound preparation that equip men and women to become the next generation of Christ-like, Spirit-empowered, transformational leaders to serve diverse people groups in India.

Institutional Objectives

Our vision is to see a generation of leaders with character, integrity, and a heart for worship, serving Jesus Christ in their own communities throughout India. We believe that worship is the key for mission. We are committed to train and develop Christ-like leaders to serve the diverse people groups in India. We endeavour to provide wholesome education to our students as our programmes are designed to equip students in areas of knowledge, character, spirituality, and ministry. We seek to be a blessing to churches, Christian organizations, and the society at large as we are committed to carrying out the great task of fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ.

Philosophy of Education

Southern Asia Leadership Institute recognizes the primacy of the spiritual truth revealed in the Bible and incarnate in Jesus Christ, and acknowledge that all truth, wherever it is found, is of God. All truth finds its unity in God. SALI also recognizes the role of the Holy Spirit in interpreting God’s truth in accordance with the words of the Lord Jesus Christ who instructed His disciples that “When He, the Spirit of Truth comes, He will guide you into all truth’ (John 16:13).

SALI recognizes that God the Father has shown humankind truth through Christ in nature, history, and above all, in Scripture. Thus the Bible, as the authoritative Word of God, is central in the quest for knowledge. Its principles and precepts are integrated throughout SALI’s curriculum and are foundational in the school’s basic philosophy of education.


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